Five Reasons Why Your Newspaper or Magazine Will Be In Peril If You Don’t Do Online Publishing

With the rise of tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices constantly growing and the ever-increasing desire for paperless versions of books and periodicals, online publishing is a necessary software for all newspapers and magazines to have in their software belt. In fact, there are five reasons why your company will be in serious peril if you neglect to use online publishing for your periodical.

First of all, if you are not using online publishing, you are only tapping into a small portion of your potential readership. There is a large (and ever-expanding) portion of our society that will no longer subscribe to periodicals that are only available as a hard copy, as they want the information available at their fingertips and conveniently stored in their mobile devices.

Second, if your newspaper or magazine is not online, you risk missing out on an even greater pool of people to join your readership, as those individuals can not test out your articles when they do an online search for a given topic. They will miss out on how amazing your paper or magazine is and will turn to someone else’s instead.

Third, you run the risk of appearing archaic and out of touch with today’s culture, which is a definite no for any business with a desire for a reputation as being on the cutting edge and a leader in their field.

Fourth, online publishing produces an added dimension of interesting features compared to its paper counterparts. These exciting features maintain reader interest and feed the desire for the readers to renew their subscriptions. For example, with the online version of a magazine or newspaper, a reader can click on articles in order to access related videos, photos, timelines, past articles related to the topic, etc. Without online publishing, this isn’t an option.

Lastly, online publishing allows your readership to share articles they like that come from your site with all of their friends on social media, giving your company’s newspaper or magazine an exponential amount of free advertising.

If you choose not to use online publishing, your business is missing out on all of this and it is only a matter of time before your periodical becomes obsolete and replaced by a more savvy competitor. At Pressmart, we turn your modest investment into a goldmine of future business through online publishing. If you are ready to expand your newspaper or magazine’s horizons by exploring online publishing, please contact us at Pressmart. We are ready to help.

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