Newspaper Publishing: It’s About Much More Than Saving Trees

You’ve heard about online publishing. You may even have subscribed to an online publication, maybe more than one. Or the newspaper you’re printing on paper may compete with one. It’s time to find out what online publishing can offer you beyond the right to say that you’re saving trees and beyond reducing your costs of publishing.

That will depend on which online publishing software you use. We can assume that you want your newspaper to be accessible on any device your reader may be using, and that you’ll want to take advantage of the opportunities for including forms of media, such as audio and video, slide shows, and animation, that are not possible in print publications. It has probably already occurred to you that you’ll be able to offer additional ad space and thus generate new revenue. Of course, you’d like to have your online version directly accessible through your website and your content optimized for search engines and social media access. And wouldn’t payment gateway integration be useful?

Have you considered sending an automated newsletter to your most ardent subscribers offering updates of past issues and generating interest in the content of issues to come? How about being able to access rich analytics of how your reader are using your publication, which articles they are accessing and which they are passing on to others, for example? You might also want to offer XML feeds for individual articles, Images, pages or editions. Would you be interested in giving new readers access to your newspaper’s archives?

Other offerings might open your customer base to specific audiences you may not have previously considered. For example, the option to zoom in or out is very useful for reader with imperfect vision, and support for readers most familiar with languages other than the one in which your newspaper has been customarily printed could increase your global audience.

Newspaper Publishing through Pressmart offer all these and much more, but even better. You can get a demonstration of Pressmart’s ease of use and how you can reap the fullest benefits from it at the same time as you obtain a quote and ask any additional questions you may have. Contact Now.

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