eMagazine Publishing: The Next Frontier

Research shows that 36% of all Americans are multi-platform, meaning they own more than one internet-capable device.  66% own at least two devices. And out of those users, reading news and magazines online is a highly popular activity. Pew Research found that, “64% of tablet users read news weekly and 37% do this daily. The percentages are similar for smart phone users at 62% weekly and 36% daily.”

However, many magazine publishing companies aren’t tailoring their content for a digital audience; they’re simply replicating their material as-is and hoping its readability (or lack thereof) doesn’t affect consumer interest. But of course it is! Beautiful graphics, larger fonts, RSS feed compatibility… these are all reasons that magazine publishers should be actively investing in platforms that can take their print media and transform it into a spectacular eMagazine.

If that’s not enough to convince you, here’s three more reasons that eMagazine publishing should be at the top of your company’s To-Do list:


Most people aren’t willing to pay to have magazines delivered to their doorstep these days. But they are willing to simply type in their email address and have that same content delivered to their inbox in an easy-to-digest format. They can even choose to receive updates when content is available, which is much more convenient than running outside to check the mail!


Consumers of eMagazines are offered many more ways to actively engage with the material that they’re reading. They can leave comments, join forums, link articles to social media sites, and much more. From a business owner’s perspective, this engagement is also highly important as it allows the company to gather and analyze data, identify trends, and better serve customer need and/or interest.


In the digital era, we are used to accessing whatever we need, whenever we need it. Carrying credit cards and identification documents are becoming a thing of the past; no wonder people are loath to cart around a newspaper or heavy magazine. With a feather light tablet in hand, the consumer can and should be able to access all of his reading material with a touch of his finger. Increased accessibility to magazine publications means increased revenue for the publisher.

At Pressmart Media, we are able to offer a multi-faceted and versatile online publishing platform that will transform your print magazine into a practical, engaging, accessible, and truly dazzling eMagazine. Contact us today to join the digital evolution.

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