Digitizing Information Expanding Your Audience

Electronic media fall among the fastest growing information sources in the 21st century. Today, we all agree that researching information in real books always seems outdated and time-consuming. Owing to this, most researchers and readers have opted to use online materials as with only a press of a button you have all the information and data you need. For this reason, authors and writers should quickly adapt to the use of digital publishing for their information so as to remain relevant and accessible.

Choosing an experienced and qualified firm for your data digitization is sagacious. Founded in 2006, Pressmart Media Ltd is a global digital publishing company that offers all online publishing and digitization services. Our services include digitization of materials such as newspapers, journals, books brochures, other reading materials.

Why should you pick Pressmart Media Ltd for your document digitization?

Distribution services

At Pressmart Media Ltd we have experience and are familiar with all digital distribution channels. Therefore, by opting for our services, your documents gain exposure to new channels such as mobile phone app, E-reader, web, podcast, and email subscription.

Cheaper but with wider audience

For schools, reading institutions, and organizations the cost of publishing reading materials in traditional method is an expensive exercise to meet the demand. Pressmart Media Ltd helps you with the digital printing of modules, tests, and brochures increasing flexibility and accessibility to myriad students and staff.

More buyers and a high rate of return

As an author, using Pressmart Media Ltd services drastically reduces your printing costs. With our broad global audience, you are likely to receive more buyers. Digital documents allow you to customize and generate ads which will ultimately contribute to increased profit.

Know your reader’s preference

Electronic records allow you as an author to fully understand your user’s preference e.g. by evaluating their responses and interacting with them through social media, you effortlessly perfect and improve on the flaws identified. For more information, contact us.

Readers want to move between devices, from e-reader to phone to tablet, without having to install any additional software. Lowering reader pain points and making content available seamlessly across devices increases engagement and decreases frustration. This is accomplished through a responsive user interface, one that responds to the devices screen size and orientation and then automatically adjusts and optimizes the image for the display.

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