Create Your Magazine Web Portal the Right Way

If you’re a magazine owner or publisher, you know that you need a web presence. There are many website design options you can use to take your publication online and make it mobile friendly. However, most publishers don’t understand that there are definitely good and bad methods. Even some of the top names in the publishing business have websites that are frustrating to use and hard to read both on desktops and mobile devices.

How Can You Avoid This?

In the scramble go online; many companies are going online the wrong way.

Many magazines publish extremely content-laden websites that take forever to load unless a reader has an extremely fast web connection. Many of these websites also have so many advertisements, large photographs, social media engagement features and videos; it’s often hard for readers to actually find the content they’re looking for.


  • The link readers follow doesn’t lead them to the content they want. Sometimes it even leads them to a pop-up requesting their email address or giving them information they’re not looking for;
  • The article they want to read is spread out over 10 to 20 pages they have to click through. They don’t have the option to just read the content on one page because the publisher wants readers to look at all the ads possible.
  • The content is broken up by supposedly relevant marketing in the form of distracting ads and videos; and
  • The advertisements are flashy, annoying and don’t mesh well with the magazine’s content.

Reading a Regular Magazine is Not Like This

Think about how many times you’d rather just read an article comfortably.

Most of us can agree that it is so much easier to just pick up a book sometimes than to strain to read something in its entirety on a mobile device or a computer. This is the reason why so many people now prefer large mobile phone screens over smaller ones in an era where everyone thought technology would keep shrinking.

Therefore, any publisher that truly wants to keep his or her readers’ comfort and ideal reading experience in mind will quickly see that creating a web portal using the Pressmart eMagazine Platform will provide readers with the ultimate experience.

The Pressmart eMagazine Platform offers publishers the ideal combination of modern technology and the traditional magazine format. Readers can experience their favorite magazines without the frustration of reading them online.

  • Your readers can read via any device.
  • They can search the entire document using keywords.
  • Your web portal will actually look like your physical magazine, function the same way and be just as comfortable to read; and
  • You can create a professional online presence to compliment a new magazine brand, to develop an audience quicker.

Check out our eMagazine demo today; then contact us to explore the many beautiful options we can extend to you to truly enhance your brand presence in the modern marketplace.

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