Become a publisher with an innovative newspaper publishing solution

It’s time to take your print newspaper online. Reach new readers, connect with old readers and bring your operation into the 21st Century.

Now all you need is a computer and access to the Internet. Thanks to an innovative newspaper publishing solution, you can get your paper online and reach the entire world.

Go digital.

Take everything in your print publication and make it electronic. Expand your offerings by creating links within stories to let readers get as much detail as they want. Google shows people are reading more and more online and they want longer articles.

Reporters can now turn in 40-inch stories and not worry about losing half of it on the cutting floor. Run those extended features full length.

You’re not limited to one or two pictures any more. You can have an entire slide show. Cover that Friday night football game in detail

Your advertisers can link their websites to their ads. Your advertisers can get their message in front of people who care. Embed ad links in stories. Include ad links in slide shows.

If you have an online presence and it’s just not delivering the way it should, you need to upgrade. Readers want the information you have delivered for years, they just want to access it online and they want it user-friendly.

Online media is the growth industry for print communications. It’s not too late to join the digital newspaper revolution.

If you are interested in getting your newspaper online and making it more relevant to today’s generations of readers, contact us for details and information.

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