Are You Missing Out? Benefits of an Online Newspaper Maker

Are you a newspaper publisher without an online edition? Or is your online edition unreliable, or unable to be read on all devices?

If you replied “yes” to either question, you’re missing out on readership, ad revenue, and even valuable customer analytics.

What Can an Online Newspaper Do For You?

An online newspaper, or ePaper, is an online version of your newspaper, tabloid, or broadsheet, with its original layout, including articles, ads, and images. However, it is not simply a static representation of your paper.

Instead, an ePaper is an interactive medium that takes newspaper reading to the next level, complete with links, videos, and even live feedback. It allows you to connect with your readers instantly in an easily accessible format.

Benefits of an Online Newspaper to Readers

Adding an ePaper in addition to your print edition with Pressmart’s Online Newspaper Maker offers major benefits to your readers.

Compatibility: Your readers can access your ePaper from any device, anytime and anywhere, which is critical for your business as more people continue to access the internet from mobile devices, and fewer from desktops.
Interactivity: Readers can click on links and advertisements for an interactive experience.
Rich media integration: You can offer your readers enhanced content with audio, video, animation, and slide shows.
Zoom In and Zoom Out: Users can choose a comfortable reading size for articles.
Archives: Readers can have access to back issues.

Benefits of an Online Newspaper to Publishers

Newspaper publishers will also reap big benefits with increased revenue and increased reader reach when they add an ePaper created with Pressmart’s Online Newspaper Maker.

Monetization: Increase your revenue with paid subscriptions and advertising, without the cost of print production and delivery. Pressmart’s Online Newspaper Maker allows you to place ads at the page level, article level, and article genre level.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO): You can use SEO keywords to help reach your readers.
Social Sharing: Your readers can share the contents of an article, thereby increasing your social reach.
Analytics: With an ePaper, you can use analytics to better understand your customers’ demographics, likes and dislikes, and responsiveness, which will allow you to narrow down your content to reach the right audience.
Payment Gateway: You’ll have the ability to use third-party payment gateways.

Those are just a few of the ways Pressmart’s Online Newspaper Maker can make a positive impact on your business. For more information, please contact us.

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