5 ways Pressmart’s web portal software will take your online publishing to the next level

If you’re an online publisher, you understand the challenges of producing quality content, managing a team of writers and editors, and growing an engaged audience.

You need an all-in-one web portal software that integrates seamlessly across all electronic devices and social platforms, requires little IT expertise to maintain, and delivers a valuable return on your company’s investment.

You can find it all with Pressmart’s ePortal software.

Our comprehensive, customizable web portal software offers all the functionality you need to expand your audience reach and save time (and money!) on website management.

With our focus on ease of integration and quality of user experience, you can grow your online publishing business quickly and painlessly with these five features.

1.) Built-in expansion features offer room to grow.

If you’re looking for a web portal software that will meet all the needs of your growing business, you need a software that is simple, streamlined, and scalable. You want a portal that doesn’t overwhelm with its complicated features, but that still provides you with built-in expansion features that allow you to adapt as your business grows. Pressmart’s ePortal offers a 360-degree online experience with add-on modules that allow you to expand your online community and scale your monetization strategy as your business grows.

2.) Manage your workflow.

Our ePortal integrates across all devices and applications, allowing you to manage your workflow from anywhere. Our content management system offers unlimited users, and integrates with your existing editorial system and other Pressmart eReplica products, allowing you to fully customize your user interface and manage your team from anywhere.

3.) Reach a wider audience with your content.

Our web portal software enables your company to reach a larger audience through its responsive user interface, which integrates across all electronic devices — computers, tablets, and mobile phones. We also offer multi-language support, translating your content into the native languages of your growing audience.

4.) Get social.

Our web portal allows you to optimize and share your content through social media and online publishing channels through our user-friendly content management system. In addition, our photo gallery feature allows users to view, share, and even print photos across their social channels. Users can also engage with your content by creating a personal account and leaving comments on your online articles or publications.

5.) Measure your return.

Our ePortal software includes analytics features that allow you to track and measure content engagement, including web visitor demographics, as well as your Google ads engagement so that you can optimize your ad targets and placement.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive web portal software to take your online publishing company to the next level, contact us today to get started with Pressmart’s responsive web portal.

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