3 Ways Publishing Content to a Mobile App Service Will Improve Your Business

The world has gone application crazy. It seems that every phone and tablet comes standard with a dozen apps. It isn’t very surprising, either. Having applications that give you exactly the information you need quickly is what the busy modern world needs. This need for speed applies as much to your magazine or newspaper as any other sort of information. It will be a huge convenience to your readers to be able to click on a magazine app to get to your work as well as save it as a bookmark on their computer.

That is not the only reason to publish your content to mobile apps though. There are other benefits. The first benefit is that apps are very interactive. It allows an iphone or tablet user to search for specific content and add their own. This gives you a deep understanding of your demographic’s thoughts, and also it gives you the ability to immediately respond to it.

The second benefit is reaching the widest audience possible. Practically everyone has an iphone these days and a large number of those people use it for internet access. People take their tablets everywhere, too, and that means that they can share your content at internet cafes amongst friends, which will then download your emagazine. Some people even use their phone as a replacement computer whenever they can’t reach one. Phones are also always with people. When you publish your content on an app, people can read your magazine or newspaper everywhere they happen to feel the need.

The third benefit is that it opens up all sorts of cross-merchandising opportunities. A poll done by phone app can be reported in your emagazine or epaper. The tablet app can replicate your epaper, giving you double the ad space. Your epaper can promise videos of your articles on the tablet app. You can keep your customers consuming your content all day.

If publishing your content to an app sounds like it would round out your media empire, contact us about our mobile app solutions.

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