3 Reasons You Need a Digital Publishing Platform

Maybe you still think tech is just a trend, or maybe you just aren’t completely sure how you can use it to your advantage. Either way, we can help. We’ve got three major reasons it’s time for you to use a digital publishing platform to get your publication to the next level.

1) Digital is what the people want. According to Time, millennials have “more buying power than any other generation,” but they aren’t using it. MSNBC says millennials are more environmentally conscious than any previous generation. Buying thick glossy magazines and daily newspapers is an unnecessary luxury in the life of a busy, frugal, conscious young person. They do want their news and gossip, but they want it accessible, in their pocket, and environmentally friendly. And that’s exactly what they get when they use magazines and newspapers that take advantage of digital publishing platform.  

2) Digital is where the people are. By going digital you expand your publication’s reach exponentially! There is no limit to the number of readers you can reach digitally. People who might have never heard of your publication can stumble across is on Facebook or Twitter, instead of having to come across a physical copy in a brick and mortar store. According to NPR digital publishers are doing increasingly well financially thanks, in part, to the social dynamics of digital commerce and marketing.

3) It’s easier than you think. Taking advantage of a digital publishing platform makes going digital an ease. You don’t need to be a programmer to turn your publication into a beautiful digital masterpiece. All you need to do is contact us and join the digital age.

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