3 Reasons For Drops In Readership On Your Digital Publishing Platform

Perhaps you’ve noticed fewer visitors to your virtual magazine or newspaper, and you’re wondering why. Your topics are hot, and your content is great; meaning your readership should increase, not decrease. You need your readers back to prevent advertisers from reaching out to competitors in order to position themselves in front of a larger audience. Yet, to regain or exceed your previous readership, it’s important to know a few reasons why readership has dropped on your digital publishing platform in the first place .

Readers Are Pre-Occupied: the truth is your readers are pre-occupied reading various blogs, listening to podcast, and engaging in social media. An article in Digital Trends revealed that people in the U.S. check their Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts a staggering 17 times a day if not more. Your competition is no longer the magazine or newspaper next door, but it’s the average Joe who is speaking the everyday language of today’s consumers on virtual platforms.

The Way Readers Learn Has Evolved: readers have changed the way they learn and consume information; they have moved away from just good-looking pages with great content to a more interactive way of learning. Author and educator, Katherine McKnight wrote: “very few educators would disagree with the notion that technology has dramatically changed the teaching and learning process.” Most people seek virtual avenues to learn new things.

Readers Want More Options: readers today want to engage with their content. They love the ability to choose how they learn. For instance, some readers want apps that they can download to their phones; an article from American Press Institute revealed that “among smart phone owners, 78% report using their device to get news. . .” Mobile content consumption is on the rise. Other readers prefer to read their news online but in book form to flip through pages of content for a more live reading experience. Yet, tons of content consumers today prefer listening to their news via podcast or downloading it as a live stream video.

If you want to steer your audience towards your news platform and increase your readership, give readers what they want: an engaging, interactive, multi-digital delivery platform. Allow your readers to search your content and access the exact information that they want to view. Give them the option to print out your content since some information consumers like the feel of physical content in their hands. Provide them with a way to save your content so that they can view it later. Allow your readers to clip the pieces of content that stands out to them.  Let the readers download audio files to their smartphones so that they can listen to your news on the go. Give them the option to live stream important updates and popular news.  Ensure that your readers can access all these digital functions regardless of the device they are using such as smart phones, tablets, laptops, or desktops.

Sounds like a lot of options for readers, right? You’re probably wondering how you can make these options available for your audiences without running into an IT nightmare, accruing ridiculous un-related fees, and spending the next year of your life trying to revolutionize your platform? Pressmart is a multi-channel, delivery platform that provides multiple ways for your readers to consume content across multiple digital devices.  You do not need any technical skills or expensive programmers; Pressmart could help you display your news in a new and competitive way within hours. Give your audience more options; increase your readership; visit Pressmart today!

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