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Digitizing Information Expanding Your Audience

Electronic media fall among the fastest growing information sources in the 21st century. Today, we all agree that researching information in real books always seems outdated and time-consuming. Owing to this, most researchers and readers have opted to use online materials as with only a press of a button you have all the information and data you need. For this reason, authors and writers should quickly adapt to the use of digital publishing for their information so as to remain relevant and accessible.

Choosing an experienced and qualified firm for your data digitization is sagacious. Founded in 2006, Pressmart Media Ltd is a global digital publishing company that offers all online publishing and digitization services. Our services include digitization of materials such as newspapers, journals, books brochures, other reading materials.

Why should you pick Pressmart Media Ltd for your document digitization? Continue reading

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Five Benefits of Digital Magazine Publishing

Digital magazine publishing comes with many benefits. Find out how a digital magazine can help your business reach new customers.

The Benefits

1. Reach international customers

Online publications have the potential to reach people across the globe. You can reach customers you would never have known about. As the popularity of your publication increases, so does your reach.

2. Link to your own products and resources

An online magazine publishing puts your company front and center. You can link directly to your homepage, or link to specific products. Instead of paying someone else to advertise your business, you can do it in your online magazine for free. Continue reading

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3 Advantages To Digital Publishing in 2017

Whether it is a book, magazine or article, the internet has certainly revolutionized the way we choose to publish. In 2017, the popularity of digital publishing has only grown stronger and has opened the door to new opportunities. Essentially digital publishing has presented an array of benefits to business owners in terms of convenience, visibility, and reach. Here’s why:


For starters, with the wide-range of space available digitally, documents are now stored safely online. This essentially means that less time is spent finding important material because everything can be organized, which will result in an increase in productivity. In addition to this, since material can be stored online, this means that it can also be accessed regardless of geographical location. Continue reading

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Magazine Publishing: 3 Reasons Why Digital Publishing is Most Effective

As the internet continues to advance, more businesses are adapting their content for the digital world. In fact, the magazine industry continues to move away from traditional methods of publishing as digital offers far more benefits than ever imagined before. With that said, here are 3 reasons why it times to go digital with your magazine:

1. Deliver Content Across Multiple Platforms: One of the greatest aspects of the internet is that information is easily accessible and travels at a relatively fast rate. This is why digitally publishing your magazine is effective when it comes to delivering your content across multiple platforms. There are various social media sites where your content can be shared, resulting in a larger audience. Additionally, your content is more accessible because your viewers have the option to access your Magazine Publishing through their computer, tablet, or mobile device.   Continue reading

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Every Business Needs A Digital Publishing Solution

Content, content, content. That is the buzzword among marketing professionals giving advice on how to strengthen a brand’s online presence. Many heads in the business world are scratched as they mull over what this means regarding a company website connected to the most popular social media platforms and a blog. What else is there for a company to do to? Add an aspect of legitimacy to a brand with traditional content like press releases and news articles. That means a company needs a digital media solution that supports online publishing in the style of an e-magazine or newsletter.

E-Publishing Features: For the most comprehensive digital publishing platform, there are important features that will create flexibility, accuracy, and, above all, security. If you are ready to brand your product or service as the premier expert in its field, this is what to look for in a digital publishing platform: Continue reading

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5 ways Pressmart’s web portal software will take your online publishing to the next level

If you’re an online publisher, you understand the challenges of producing quality content, managing a team of writers and editors, and growing an engaged audience.

You need an all-in-one web portal software that integrates seamlessly across all electronic devices and social platforms, requires little IT expertise to maintain, and delivers a valuable return on your company’s investment.

You can find it all with Pressmart’s ePortal software.

Our comprehensive, customizable web portal software offers all the functionality you need to expand your audience reach and save time (and money!) on website management.

With our focus on ease of integration and quality of user experience, you can grow your online publishing business quickly and painlessly with these five features. Continue reading

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