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Online Publishing and Distribution is the Way of the Future!

2016 is coming to a quick close and it won’t be long until everyone dates their works with 2017. So why not embrace the new and get rid of the old? Why not finally have your magazine or newspaper published online? Still skeptical? Then here are just a few pro-profit benefits of online publishing.

Reaching a Larger Audience

Back in the day, the method of getting new readers was mostly through word of mouth and hoping some fresh eyes would pick up your current issue on their way out of the checkout line at some grocery store. This had its time. Most publishers kept a steady flow of consumers and readers by relatively simple means. But the game has definitely changed now. Publishers, editors, and writers who got by like this before are finding their earnings diminishing year after year as the digital age continues to grow. It’s not that people lost interest in what they had to offer, it’s just that people have so many more options and they’re all online. Continue reading

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Your Newspaper: Digitized!

The traditional print newspaper is just one of the myriad number of mediums that is becoming obsolete with the overwhelming push towards digitizing any and everything. There’s no denying that digital media is supplanting printed material as the most popular way that people use to get their news. The real question facing those hoping to establish a quality digital newspaper that differentiates itself from the competition is the software used to create the online newspaper publication. Here are some of the most attractive reasons to choose Pressmart’s ePaper software as your digital publishing resource of choice:

  •     The very latest HTML-5 technology – This feature gives users a superior reading experience while at the same time being compatible across all devices and mediums.
  •     Integrated Hosting and Domain mapping – Your subscribers are able to read your ePaper on your unique, customized URL.
  •     XML feeds are generated for individual articles – This includes all of the important information of note: the image, edition, and page. Continue reading
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3 Reasons Why You Need A Digital Publishing Solution

Running a publication is hard work, and especially in this digital age, it is all the more important that publications have a strong online presence along with print. Digital publishing is a relatively new space for many, and finding a solution that fits your publication’s need and appeals to subscribers is imperative. Luckily, for those interested in expanding their digital footprint can employ a digital publishing solution for their publication. Here are 3 reasons why you need a digital publishing solution:

1) PDF replicas of print publications on demand

Successful publications in this day and age understand that their audiences like to engage with content in different ways. While some may prefer print versions, others may eschew that for a fully digital version. A digital publishing solution is perfect in situations like this, since it can create digital replicas of print publications. Continue reading

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How digital publishing software can increase your overall profit margin

To grow and increase profits, a company needs a marketing strategy that incorporates the best and newest digital publishing software. Automated systems can help you reach more customers than ever before possible through an online newspaper, magazine or brochure.

Customers will be able to access you in more ways than ever before possible including their smartphones, personal computers, laptops and iPads. There are many benefits of digital publications including: Continue reading

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