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Create Your Magazine Web Portal the Right Way

If you’re a magazine owner or publisher, you know that you need a web presence. There are many website design options you can use to take your publication online and make it mobile friendly. However, most publishers don’t understand that there are definitely good and bad methods. Even some of the top names in the publishing business have websites that are frustrating to use and hard to read both on desktops and mobile devices.

How Can You Avoid This?

In the scramble go online; many companies are going online the wrong way. Continue reading

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Create Online Portal: It Take Only Seconds to Lose a Reader

Times have certainly changed. Readers are less likely to luxuriously browse the paper over a cup of coffee, and more likely to look for the latest breaking story within minutes of it happening.

With social media trending towards real-time sharing of experiences, it’s important for news organizations to keep up. Posting information quickly is increasingly necessary to keep readers. However, that isn’t enough. Will your story show up on a search engine? If you’ve posted the story quickly, and a reader clicks on your link, will your article load immediately, or will your potential reader become frustrated and try another link? Continue reading

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Companies may benefits greatly from creating an online portal

The benefits of creating an online portal could prove vast for newspaper and magazine businesses looking to expand their web traffic. Because many news companies would like to remain mindful of spending while also working effectively for their customers, an online portal could help do just that. Online portals are cost-effective while also proving convenient for costumers.

By utilizing Pressmart to create their online portals, companies do not have to worry about starting on their own from scratch. As a result, companies can provide a beneficial service by having various news information in one place without having to worry about high costs associated with constant site maintenance. Customizable templates for portals allow companies to have a portal unique to their business and that suits their needs. Continue reading

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