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Create A Strong Online Portal To Enhance Your Customers’ Experience

Your website is the first impression you will make on many of your customers. It serves as more than just your marketplace. Your website, when properly optimized is your path into the most popular search engines, introduction to a global customer base, and your primary interaction with consumers. What do you want your web portal to say about you?

We at Pressmart Media offer fully featured online portal design at reasonable rates. We can optimize your end-user’s  experience with the most up-to-date content. Continue reading

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Create a Magazine app to meet Consumer Demand

In the midst of a news cycle that won’t stop accelerating, the depth and insight offered by magazines are more and more valuable to readers who want more than headlines and blurbs about the topics that matter to them.

Taking advantage of that demand requires modern magazines, regardless of topic or genre, to move forward into the digital. Electronic magazines are becoming commonplace and publications who haven’t yet branched out into the digital realm are now a minority, rapidly being left behind, with mobile accessibility also growing as a preferred method of consumption. Continue reading

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Newspaper Publishing takes a Turn to the Electronic

More and more newspapers aren’t really paper anymore. Newspaper Publishing is changing rapidly. Consumers are transitioning away from paper media in favor of the ease, convenience and environmental conscience of online publication in increasing numbers and a publication that doesn’t display a strong online presence runs the risk of not getting its message across.

Publishers wanting to make the change to a successful online edition should recognize that they need more than content. A physical newspaper was, not too long ago, so integrated into our daily lives that they were essential props in movies and on television, we expected to see them everywhere, and we expected almost everybody, particularly professionals, to read them daily. Online readers need that familiarity too. Continue reading

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