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Reasons to Try Digital Newspaper Publishing

Newspapers have been the life’s blood of democracy and healthy civilizations since their inception in the late 1700′s. Citizens need information to function in society and newspapers have the noble calling of providing that information. Keeping this tradition going is crucial, and it just might require digital newspaper publishing.

This is because print journalism is suffering some serious economic troubles. Revenue from advertising in print formats have slipped. In 2013, it was down 3.8%, and revenue from print-only circulation dropped 20%. Continue reading

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Why Online Magazine Publishing Has All The Features of Print and More

Many companies are taking their businesses digital but when you’re a magazine publisher it may not have made sense to you. Until now.

Our eMagazine solution gives you the advantages of both print and digital.

Why do people like print?

  • A pleasing layout
  • Lots of images (and useful charts in the case of tech magazines)
  • Direct access to trusted information

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Expanding Your Reach With Eportals

Eportals are a bit like doors. They can invite in everyone and boost the business behind it just by being well-designed, making it a cost-effective way to promote your ‘house.’ A previous post covered how a professional portal development can make your content feel credible to visitors, thus convincing them to return, but have you considered how an eportal can bring in new visitors in the first place?

It starts with being geared towards SEO. With a wide sampling of your unique content, a web portal can attract new visitors through search engines. When you include embedded videos and photo galleries, you will cast an even wider net for potential searchers. The easily updated content keeps web crawlers returning, which in turn keeps it high on pages of hits.

Once you have the new user looking over your content, you can benefit from word-of-mouth advertising. Although, you might more accurately call it word-of-social-media advertising. Our web portal development allows visitors to easily share items they find interesting through Facebook and Twitter. Your brand name will spread to even more potential customers with these enticing samples, thus providing free advertising to people without you investing any additional resources.

Finally, eportals support multiple languages. Your content can attract people with a wide range of native languages, making it desirable to many more people than if you stuck with only one. Speaking a person’s home language is the number one way to make them feel comfortable, and comfortable customers are repeat customers.

If you feel ready to reach more people through eportal, contact us. Our portals are not only SEO friendly, but they have all the features that attract the customers you want.

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Mobile Apps: Your Modern Local Source for News

The local newspaper is a thing of the past, or so people said 10 years ago. As national and international news grows too big for local coverage, many users desire information and news from more local sources. For startup or modernizing local news organizations, mobile news apps present a great opportunity to reach 21st century consumers and give them the news that they want to read, rather than just the doom and gloom of the national networks.

News Delivered By Choice

A significant advantage of mobile apps for news agencies is the fact that users choose who they want to receive news from based upon their preferences. This gives you the opportunity to market to a global audience while still focusing on local news. This provides a great opportunity for students at college, for people who leave home for a corporate job and for other expatriates to follow up with the news from home.

Additionally, if you service an area that has regular global news import, people can choose your app as an alternative to the limited coverage other news sources give. For example, if you are a Seattle paper with significant coverage of the Seattle Seahawks, market your news app to people who want more in-depth and local, on-the-ground coverage of their favorite sports team, no matter their location.

Affordably Local

A serious reason in favor of centralized news agencies is the cost of publishing, printing and distributing a physical paper. Advertising revenues have gone down as marketing systems diversified online at the same time as wages, capital and travel costs went up. This all lead to specialization and centralization of news agencies.

With mobile apps, the trend is now going the other direction. An app is much more cost effective than physical distribution and there is much less competition on local interest stories and community information.

Mobile news apps are one of the most important tools for small papers to grow their business and remain competitive in the 21st century. For more information about mobile apps, online news publishing and electronic archiving of news, please contact us today.

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Six reasons you should be looking into a Daily News App

Daily News App maybe something you have been considering for a while now. You may not know a few facts that could encourage you into getting an app like this. So let me share with you six reasons you should most defiantly be looking into getting an app like this.

First thing: Being the digital age that we are print is no longer as big a market as it use to. So take the much-needed step and update with the times. People want to access news anytime, any day and any where and that’s just what this app does.

Second thing: Simple and easy that’s what everyone want these days. The pure ease in using and navigating is what consumers as well as yourself desire.

Third thing: What if there are old article or stories that your consumers are asking for? No problem we have and archive that can provide the span of time you require.

Fourth thing: Speaking of time we all wish we had more of it so why run down the news you need when you can have it all at your finger tips with this news application all by itself.

Fifth thing: No matter the type or style of media you deal with. It’s all covered with this one app.

Sixth thing: This daily news app can and will do all the heavy lifting. No babysitting required. You do your own work now let this app do its.

To talk more about News App, or anything else, please contact us.

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