Online Magazine Publishing – Is it Right for your Business?

The world of online digital magazines is exploding. According to the 2016 Mequoda American Magazine Reader Study & Handbook, nearly 42 percent of American adults “report having read one or more digital magazine issues in the last 30 days.” These same readers spent a total of $1.94 billion in 2016 on digital magazine subscriptions and single copies.

There are a few key points to consider before jumping onto the digital magazine bandwagon.

Is a digital magazine right for my business model? Continue reading

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Improve Sales by Publishing Your Magazine Online

Magazine sales fluctuate from month to month as readers pick and choose which publications to buy. Because of this, publication companies focus a great deal on promotions to boost subscriptions. However, many of those companies are overlooking another source of revenue: How to Create a Web Portal.

As more and more readers gain access to tablets and smartphones, the importance of having an online presence becomes vital. Consumers want the convenience of carrying their reading materials with them without lugging around the heavy, printed versions. Supplying them with an online option might make the difference between having your magazine, or that of your competitor, being read on the morning commute. Continue reading

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3 Reasons You Need a Digital Publishing Platform

Maybe you still think tech is just a trend, or maybe you just aren’t completely sure how you can use it to your advantage. Either way, we can help. We’ve got three major reasons it’s time for you to use a digital publishing platform to get your publication to the next level.

1) Digital is what the people want. According to Time, millennials have “more buying power than any other generation,” but they aren’t using it. MSNBC says millennials are more environmentally conscious than any previous generation. Buying thick glossy magazines and daily newspapers is an unnecessary luxury in the life of a busy, frugal, conscious young person. They do want their news and gossip, but they want it accessible, in their pocket, and environmentally friendly. And that’s exactly what they get when they use magazines and newspapers that take advantage of digital publishing platform.   Continue reading

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How to Publish Your Online Magazine

The future of online magazines is a bright one. Becoming more and more popular every day, electronic issues are not only less expensive for consumers to buy, but less expensive to create and publish. And, of course, electronic magazines are eco-friendly and won’t clutter up your readers’ homes. So, if you’ve always wanted to publish your own magazine but haven’t known how, take a look at the information below to get you on your way.

Unless your publication is centered around your business, you need to decide on the genre of the magazine. It is best to base the genre on your interests or knowledge. When you write about something you really like or know a lot about, you’ll be more successful. Continue reading

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How a Digital Publishing Platform Can Turn Your Business’s Blog Into Passive Income

If you’re running a small business, there’s a good chance you already have a blog (or at least a lot of advice you could be giving out to potential customers).

But if you have specialized knowledge, there’s a better way to use it than simply slapping it onto a blog post: monetizing it instantly with a digital publishing platform.

Here are 3 reasons you should consider publishing your information instead of blogging it.

1. The information you have wasn’t free for you.

Everyone has specialized knowledge. If you’re getting paid by your clients for access to that information, then you probably have some very valuable skills. Continue reading

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Online Publishing and Distribution is the Way of the Future!

2016 is coming to a quick close and it won’t be long until everyone dates their works with 2017. So why not embrace the new and get rid of the old? Why not finally have your magazine or newspaper published online? Still skeptical? Then here are just a few pro-profit benefits of online publishing.

Reaching a Larger Audience

Back in the day, the method of getting new readers was mostly through word of mouth and hoping some fresh eyes would pick up your current issue on their way out of the checkout line at some grocery store. This had its time. Most publishers kept a steady flow of consumers and readers by relatively simple means. But the game has definitely changed now. Publishers, editors, and writers who got by like this before are finding their earnings diminishing year after year as the digital age continues to grow. It’s not that people lost interest in what they had to offer, it’s just that people have so many more options and they’re all online. Continue reading

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Your Newspaper: Digitized!

The traditional print newspaper is just one of the myriad number of mediums that is becoming obsolete with the overwhelming push towards digitizing any and everything. There’s no denying that digital media is supplanting printed material as the most popular way that people use to get their news. The real question facing those hoping to establish a quality digital newspaper that differentiates itself from the competition is the software used to create the online newspaper publication. Here are some of the most attractive reasons to choose Pressmart’s ePaper software as your digital publishing resource of choice:

  •     The very latest HTML-5 technology – This feature gives users a superior reading experience while at the same time being compatible across all devices and mediums.
  •     Integrated Hosting and Domain mapping – Your subscribers are able to read your ePaper on your unique, customized URL.
  •     XML feeds are generated for individual articles – This includes all of the important information of note: the image, edition, and page. Continue reading
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3 Reasons Why You Need A Digital Publishing Solution

Running a publication is hard work, and especially in this digital age, it is all the more important that publications have a strong online presence along with print. Digital publishing is a relatively new space for many, and finding a solution that fits your publication’s need and appeals to subscribers is imperative. Luckily, for those interested in expanding their digital footprint can employ a digital publishing solution for their publication. Here are 3 reasons why you need a digital publishing solution:

1) PDF replicas of print publications on demand

Successful publications in this day and age understand that their audiences like to engage with content in different ways. While some may prefer print versions, others may eschew that for a fully digital version. A digital publishing solution is perfect in situations like this, since it can create digital replicas of print publications. Continue reading

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How digital publishing software can increase your overall profit margin

To grow and increase profits, a company needs a marketing strategy that incorporates the best and newest digital publishing software. Automated systems can help you reach more customers than ever before possible through an online newspaper, magazine or brochure.

Customers will be able to access you in more ways than ever before possible including their smartphones, personal computers, laptops and iPads. There are many benefits of digital publications including: Continue reading

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3 Reasons For Drops In Readership On Your Digital Publishing Platform

Perhaps you’ve noticed fewer visitors to your virtual magazine or newspaper, and you’re wondering why. Your topics are hot, and your content is great; meaning your readership should increase, not decrease. You need your readers back to prevent advertisers from reaching out to competitors in order to position themselves in front of a larger audience. Yet, to regain or exceed your previous readership, it’s important to know a few reasons why readership has dropped on your digital publishing platform in the first place .

Readers Are Pre-Occupied: the truth is your readers are pre-occupied reading various blogs, listening to podcast, and engaging in social media. An article in Digital Trends revealed that people in the U.S. check their Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts a staggering 17 times a day if not more. Your competition is no longer the magazine or newspaper next door, but it’s the average Joe who is speaking the everyday language of today’s consumers on virtual platforms. Continue reading

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